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Spring Hill isn't only committed to providing beautiful plants, we're committed to delivering plants that perform reliably and beautifully. That's why research and development are at the core of Spring Hill's rose program.

Our Standards of Excellence

Our Standards of Excellence

Our roses are literally rooted in research. Through partnering with the world's top rose breeders, and investing in testing that improves performance, you can ensure your roses won't just be beautiful—they'll bloom year after year. Our greenhouses live at the intersection of style and science—and we're delivering roses you won't find anywhere else.

Bringing you the world's best roses

We work closely with many of the world's top plant breeders, and partner with national testing agencies, botanical gardens, and universities to bring the very best roses to our greenhouses. In addition to our acquisitions efforts, we've developed several internal breeding programs. All of these efforts enable us to offer the best performers in the industry, along with several exclusive roses.

Growing the future of rose gardening, from the Midwest to the West Coast

Spring Hill's primary research facility is located near Tipp City, Ohio. Situated in Zone 5b-6a, the 20-acre site allows us to test plants in a tough climate, in diverse soil conditions, and under adverse disease and insect pressure. Thanks to our Ohio laboratory farm, you can bet that our roses will stand up to your climate.

When it comes to breeding roses, we partner with one of the biggest, and oldest, names in gardening—Weeks Roses. Our sister company ships bare root roses to your door from their state-of-the-art growing grounds in California's San Joaquin Valley.

Rose Gardening

Weeks Roses, a top-quality grower

Since 1938, Weeks Roses has provided many of America's favorite roses to hobbyists, garden centers, and landscaping pros. A name synonymous with customer service and top-quality plants, Weeks' reputation reflects its commitment to integrity and great gardening. That's why Weeks Roses is our partner in rose breeding and research.

Our Standards of Excellence

Giving roses their best start

Weeks 1,200-acre, state-of-the-art processing, refrigeration, and distribution center is located in Wasco, California, adjacent to several other national rose producers. Wasco has good deep loamy soil, plentiful clean well water, and a natural climate that fits commercial rose production particularly well. Plants grown here can adapt to nearly any American climate, and the local economy is all about roses.

While other breeders may choose to breed and test roses in other parts of the world, Weeks performs both its research and its farming operations here in the United States. That means that our roses were bred to perform to exacting standards right here in American Gardens.

Creating the next generation of award winners

Roses from Weeks are known for their high achievement, both in producing consistent, quality roses and in creating amazing new varieties. Weeks Roses recently won the esteemed Portland Rose Society's "Best Rose" award for the seventh straight year with Smokin' Hot, a hot-red hybrid tea showing promising disease resistance and resilience over other red roses.

Weeks grows all types of roses, but it truly shines in shrub roses, climbing roses, Floribundas, and large-flowing hybrid teas. Weeks is the top name in landscape roses, featuring an award-winning combination of vibrant flower color, shape, foliage, and non-stop performance. It also creates famously excellent long stems for cutting, including jumbo roses and amazing color combinations in hybrid teas. Its Fortuniana rootstock changed the game for southern landscape roses, with larger and more prolific blooms than regular cultivars that thrive even in sandy soils.

You'll frequently see Weeks' name in the awards list for the American Rose Trials for Sustainability, a trial focused on naming the most disease- and pest-resistant, hardiest, and most garden-worthy rose cultivars. These roses aren't just built for beauty, they're built for beautiful performance year after year.

Renowned researchers to deliver top plants

Thanks to Weeks Roses, we benefit from a direct connection to some of the world's top breeders of ornamental plants and roses. Our research team brings years of experience and scientific expertise to create a top-tier rose breeding operation.

Keith Zary
Christian Bédard
Our Standards of Excellence
Our Standards of Excellence

Keith Zary is only the second American rose breeder to the Gold Medal Award of the Royal National Rose Society, a prestigious British award, as well as awards across the U.S. and Europe. Dr. Zary has patented dozens of new species, and became a household name in 1998 as the creator of the official "Diana, Princess of Wales Rose." A horticulturist by training, with a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, Dr. Zary oversees thousands of acres of growing operations, as well as our ornamental research.

Christian Bédard, a rising star in both the rose and iris markets, started learning his craft from his family while growing up in Québec City. Christian has thrice been awarded the Award of Excellence by the American Rose Society for his new hybrids. The creator of dozens of roses, Christian is responsible for many of our newest favorites, such as Dick Clark and Sugar Moon. Christian has been Weeks Rose Director since 2012, and he regularly puts his knowledge to work during our rose trials in California and Ohio.

What makes our roses different?

Our roses are easy to grow, but impossible to compare. Years of research from top experts goes into creating the best, most resilient roses that stand out everywhere—from international trials to your backyard. We're committed to taking your rose garden from dream to reality, from selecting the right variety to helping you give your rose the right care it needs to thrive.

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