Growing Variegated Weigela is Easy and Carefree

Varigated Weigela

Variegated weigela is one of the most popular shrubs these days because of its hardiness and carefree nature. These characteristics make it an ideal shrub for beginner gardeners.

Variegated weigela is very easy to care for. We recommend watering the plant regularly and otherwise not to disturb it. This makes weigela an ideal shrub not only for beginners, but for any gardener who wants good-looking shrubbery but can’t find a whole lot of extra time to devote to caring for their plants.

Variegated weigela is a hardy shrub, and it grows quickly and vigorously. That feature, combined with its pink blooms and green and gold leaves, make it a perfect fit along front and back borders.

Growing Tips

While variegated weigelas usually grow best in full sun, it’s also one of the better shrubs for shade, especially in particularly hot climates. You’ll want to plant these shrubs in spring in moist, well-drained soil because they’ll need water often the first 2-3 weeks and regularly after that. Fertilizer is a helpful aid, but not necessary.

Once the plant is established and shows new growth, you can scale back your watering to the point where if it’s dry between waterings it won’t hurt the plant. Mulching around your variegated weigela will also help it retain moisture longer

After the plant establishes itself, prune the shrub slightly after blooms have faded. This will help keep the plant clean and neat in your garden or lawn, and it will encourage new growth.
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