Spring Hill Research

Count on Spring Hill for unique plants that perform reliably and beautifully in your garden. After all, years of research and development went into them.

Our Spring Hill team is committed to finding the most unique and reliable plants from around the world. That's why we work closely with many of the world's top plant breeders in addition to national testing agencies, botanical gardens and universities. We've also developed several internal breeding programs on selected crops. All of these efforts enable us to offer exclusive plants as well as varieties that you won't find at just any garden center.

In addition, our research team spends countless hours testing plants at our various testing sites. Our primary facility is located near Tipp City, Ohio. Situated in Zone 5b-6a, the 20-acre site allows us to test plants in a tough climate, in diverse soil conditions and under adverse disease and insect pressure. In addition, we grow plants at sites in Oregon and California. Our team also conducts extensive variety trials, under typical garden conditions, to determine the best genetics.

When you shop for plants at Spring Hill, you can rest assured that you'll find the finest plants that'll be dependable and reliable performers in your garden.
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