How to Grow and Care for Daylilies Video

Step-by-step gardening takes you straight to Spring Hill Nursery as our expert reveals all you need to know to take good care of your daylilies. In this informative video, you'll learn when and how much to fertilize and water, prune and plenty more!


Hi everybody, Scott Atkinson here from Spring Hill Nurseries with step-by-step gardening. It's early spring here at the nursery and we're talking about one of my favorite plants and one of the most favored plants in the entire county, daylilies. Not only are they beautiful, but they're very easy to take care of and ensure you years and years of beautiful blooms. There's all different varieties, all different heights, there are dwarf varieties, there are rebloomers, anything you can think of! Daylilies are one of the best plants. Now some of your care tips are - you want to clean up in the early spring, you want to mulch it right before winter and you want to give it some fertilizer in the early spring and water it throughout the season. That's it! So, let's take a look. Here we've got a daylily that we didn't clean up yet this spring You can see, there are all these dead flower stalks from last year, all the foliage and all you have to do is just pull it away. If you've got a big bed of daylilies, you can use a rake. You should probably do it a little bit earlier than before this foliage comes up because it really lets it spread out, really give it good air. So all I've got to do is just pull these out, okay? Just sort of rip away the foliage. It's real easy and don't forget to put these in your compost pile. And that's really it. Doesn't take a lot! And what that will do is that will let air and sun and everything get here to the plant and this will really spread out as the season continues. We've got another one here that we've previously cleaned and as you can see, it's spreading here, real nice. A couple of weeds around here you want to get out. Don't forget to do that around your daylilies. The next step in spring care for your daylilies is fertilizing. You only need to do it once a year, that's in the early spring. Pick a fertilizer that's high in phosphates. Just check your normal fertilizer/ plant food for perennials. It should have what you need. Once in the spring and that's it. Now watering is also important for daylilies. Technically, they're drought tolerant plants but to get the best blooms, you're going to want to give them a good watering once a week. The next step to think about is dividing your daylilies. You can do this once every two years or when the flowers start to look weak. Just dig out the whole plant, split it right down the middle using a knife, or even just a sharp shovel will work and then replant. So that's it for daylilies. Some watering, fertilizer once a year and then cleanup in the early spring and you'll have beautiful blooms for years to come. For step-by-step gardening, I'm Scott.