How to Plant Daylilies Video

Spring Hill's gardening expert talks you through the act of planting a daylily in your garden. In this video, you'll learn of the right growing conditions, planting depth and technique, and much more.


Hey everybody, it's step-by-step gardening time once again, from Spring Hill Nurseries. I'm Scott Atkinson and today we're going to talk about planting daylilies. Daylilies are one of America's favorite perennials. I love them too. They're beautiful and, best of all, easy to plant. So, pick a spot that's sunny, full sun's the best for your daylilies. And you're going to want to dig a hole for them that's about two times as wide as the roots and about a foot deeper. Now a daylily from Spring Hill Nurseries is going to come like this, as a bare root plant, okay? It's packaged in sawdust. This is a Little Business daylily so it's a dwarf rebloomer. Beautiful! Open it up here, okay, and this is how it comes. This is the crown, alright? And these are the rhizomes, the roots. So, what we're going to do is, we're going to dig a hole and we're going to build a mound and we're going to drape the roots over the mound, okay? Let's get digging. Okay, so I've dug my hole. It's about two times the width of the roots, sufficiently deep. Now we're going to build a mound with our good compost soil mix. What this does, this mound, is it allows you to spread the roots over the mound. See that, spread them out. Remember this is the crown, the crown has to be at the soil line. You see that well, see how I got them here? Spread out, okay? Then you're going to take your soil mix and put it in. Just cover it up. You can also add fertilizer at this time. It's usually about two teaspoons of a good plant food per square foot. So, you can mix that in at this time, with the soil mix. Put it in, okay? This is really just it then. You want to get that crown at the soil line. Right, and you're going to water it well, of course, and that's it. That's how you get beautiful daylilies. And you can plant these, don't forget, in the spring or in the fall. Daylilies, easy and beautiful. From Spring Hill Nursery's step-by-step gardening, I'm Scott. Thanks for joining me today.