How to Clean Your Daylily Flower Beds

Properly cleaning up after your daylilies is more than just about appearances., its an important step towards ensuring your plants return in full force and splendor the next season! Join our plants expert as she discusses all you need to do after your daylilies have finished blooming towards the end of the summer.


Hi, I'm Debbie with Spring Hill and today, we're going to talk more about one of my favorite summer perennials - the daylily. Now as you can see here from my Stella D'Oro, it's the end of summer time and it's just about finished with its bloom cycle. So, there are a few things you can do to keep your daylilies looking fresh as summer ends and you begin to get into the fall season. And really, it just has to do with cleaning it up, getting rid of some of this old growth. You can see on the base of the plant, we have a lot of brown foliage here so all you want to do is come through here and just yank that right out. Go through your entire plant, yank out anything that looks brown. The other thing you want to do after it's finished flowering, your stalk is going to turn brown and there's nothing going on with that stalk, so all you can do now is just yank it right out. So, by doing just a few things like this, you're going to clean it up and keep it looking nice for the fall. The other thing that you accomplish by deadheading your daylilies is that some of the modern varieties that are rebloomers, you're going to encourage new blooms. Now as you can see here, on this daylily, it's already formed seed pods. Now when a perennial forms seed pods, it's basically the plant's way of saying, okay, I'm done blooming, now I'm going to sleep. But there are ways that you can say No! And by removing the seed pod, taking it all the way down, you're going to be encouraging those new blooms and you're telling it, you're not done yet! So see, just by removing the old stalks and getting rid of some of the dead foliage underneath, I've given my little Stella D'Oro a new lease on life. One might even say she looks stellar! So see, just by following a few very simple tips, you can keep your daylilies looking fresh and beautiful all the way through the end of the summer.