How to Find the Perfect Daylily for Your Garden

Discover some of our times' most fascinating and easy to care daylilies with Spring Hill Nursery's plants expert! Modern daylilies offer a great deal of variety in terms of flower color and garden uses. In this video, our expert discusses some amazing options for your garden and the criteria you should base your daylily search on.


Hi, I'm Debbie from Spring Hill and today, in our series about perennials, we're going to be talking about daylilies. Now daylilies are tough as nails and simple to grow. They'll thrive in dry conditions, in the worst heat of summer and even grow really well in a variety of types of soil, even clay soil. Now a lot of people think of daylilies like their grandmother's daylily - the little orange flower that blooms once a year, maybe five to eight per stem. But as you see behind me, modern daylilies now come in a variety of colors, shapes, textures and sizes, with a much higher bud count - at least ten to fifteen per stem. Also, many new daylilies are rebloomers, so you're going to get a second flush of blooms after the season is over. And as a perennial, it's just going to keep blooming for you year after year, giving you a lot more bang for your buck. Deep red varieties can create some bold drama and some pizzazz in your garden. Orange varieties can create a huge pop of color, and they're great for offsetting lavender color in your garden. Soft colors like this light yellow are great for pastel gardens and they're wonderful for mixing in with any type of color that you want in your garden. Looking for something really unique, try one of these dark red spider varieties. If you're looking for a more compact daylily that will work in the front of your perennial bed, try one of these smaller varieties. Notice the beautiful bicolor of the pink! There are also bicolor varieties with very dramatic colorations. So, as you can see, there's a daylily for everyone. It's the perfect perennial for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. So check out our entire collection at