How to care for Clematis Vine

Keep your clematis healthy and beautiful, producing tons of flowers each season with care tips from Spring Hill's gardening expert. In this video, you'll learn of the right conditions for growing clematis, tips on watering, pruning and more.


Hey everybody, Scott from Spring Hill Nurseries with step-by-step gardening. And I want to talk to you a little bit about clematis today. They are one of my favorite vines because they're quick to grow, easy to take care of and beautiful. Look at this Crystal Fountain, the blooms really get huge! Now clematis bloom in late summer, early fall, depending on the variety and they thrive really well in just about any conditions. It's a myth that clematis have to have full sun. It does just fine in part shade but I do recommend mulching those roots, keep its feet cool. I'm going to give you a couple of tips on how to take care of your clematis. Number one, after you've planted it, water real well, once a week for the first few seasons. Next, pruning. This is very important but it depends on the variety of clematis that you've purchased. So, make sure you check the instructions that came with your plant. But generally, clematis that bloom on this year's growth should be pruned back in the early spring. Clematis that blooms on last year's growth should be pruned back right after blooming. But again, check the variety. It's very important. You'll get much better growth and blooms if you prune it right. For Spring Hill Nurseries, I'm Scott.