Guide to Planting Lily of the Valley Plants

Learn how to plant and care for Lily of the valley - one of the world's most beautiful and aromatic spring flowering plants! In this video, our expert offers advice on everything from picking the right planting site to watering, mulching and pruning.


Hi there, this is Scott with Spring Hill Nurseries. It's early spring here at the nurseries, a perfect time to get planting, I've got lily of the valley here which is a great spring time plant. It smells wonderful and looks good. And it's perfect for shady areas. You want to find a spot that's partial shade to full shade and my spot here in front of these hellebores is perfect. So, depending on what you want your final display to be, you should be spacing these out about six to twelve inches apart. You're going to put the crown right at the soil line, okay, you're going to fill it. Caring for your lily of the valley is really easy. After the first year, the only real care you have to do is in the spring. You're going to want to continue to mulch it and we'll do some much here when we're done. Water it well. You should be watering it about once a week. Any pruning that you would do, I mean, in the early spring next season, you're just going to want to take out any remaining stems from the previous season, but that's it. It's carefree, comes back year after year, and looks great. It's a win-win for your shady areas. I'm Scott, with Spring Hill Nurseries.