Spring Hill presents Japanese Ferns

Say hello to Japanese painted ferns! Check out this fabulous shade loving plant that brings a dash of captivating purple to the shaded parts of your garden. You'll also learn of the plant's growing habit and garden uses in this video.


Hi, I'm Debbie from Spring Hill. Do you ever feel like your shade garden is kinda caught in the rut where it's just green, green and more green? Well, I'm really excited to tell you about this wonderful variety of Japanese painted fern that actually adds a wonderful splash of color to the shade. As you can see as you get really close, you can see the purple detailing and how there's different shades of green throughout the leaves. Now this particular variety which grows about one foot tall, one foot across, it thrives from full shade, all the way into the sun in zones 5 through 8. And did you know that ferns in general actually clean the air and they can remove impurities and act as kinda like a filtration system. And if you plant them close to your house, they can act as an insulator and actually lower your cooling bill. So that's a win-win. So, this Japanese painted fern, it comes in two different colors and it's a wonderful addition to any shade garden. I have it in every shady spot in my garden and I just love it. It mixes really well with bleeding hearts and even with begonias or anything else that prefers full shade. It really brings out that pop of purple in the center. So, it's not your everyday fern, it's a wonderful addition to any shade garden.