Trees and Shrubs

Bareroot Trees, Shrubs and Hedges

Soak roots for 1-4 hours before planting. There are six basic steps for planting trees, shrubs and hedges:
  1. Dig a hole large enough to give the roots plenty of room, with at least 2-3" of space beyond the root tips and the sides of the hole. Build a mound of soil in the bottom of the hole and spread roots in a natural position atop the mound.
  2. Position the plant so the previous soil line will be even with ground level. (The stem/trunk will be darker in color below the original planting line and lighter in color above it.)
  1. Once the plant is positioned at the proper planting depth, begin filling the hole with soil. Work the soil around the roots with your hands. When the hole is half filled, tamp the soil to remove any air pockets.
  2. Fill the planting hole with water and let it soak in. Straighten the plant in the hole and finish filling with soil.
  3. Form a "saucer" of soil around the edges of the planting hole and fill it with water. (To promote growth, dig four small holes, 4-6" deep, around the perimeter of the planting hole and drop a fertilizer tablet in each hole.)
  4. The lower trunk of newly planted trees should be wrapped with heavy paper or special tree wrap. This will protect tender bark from sunscald and rodents. A cylinder of screen wire is useful to protect the trunk from destructive animals.

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