Scabiosa: A must for Every Garden!

ScabiosaI was aimlessly leafing through an old plant catalog last evening when something caught my eye… something bright and blue, and very beautiful- an incredible shot of Scabiosa flowers! We go back a long way, scabiosas and I, and just looking at that pic brought back fond memories of mom’s prized garden in our old home, and the pink and blue scabiosas that formed its border. I remember planting a bunch when I started out with my own little garden- they died back the following year because of a bad case of powdery mildew. Scabiosa plants are amongst the easiest you can grow, and like most new gardeners, I wanted to try my hand at growing other, tougher to grow plants. Scabiosas, I regret, just slipped out of my mind and yard. I’m really missing them now! The scabiosas I had in my garden were all blue, but these stunning plants also come in yellow, violet, white, red and pink. Guaranteed color for your yard, right from late spring to the midst of fall! They’re popular ornamentals and make great cut flowers. Also, given their uncomplicated, carefree culture, they’re a wonderful addition to every garden. Scabiosas can be grown in full sun to part shade. You can plant them in a spot that offers slightly alkaline but well drained soil. They look best in small groups, but make sure to allow at least 12 inches between adjoining plants. Irrigate the plants once every week, fertilize them every spring, using a balanced fertilizer and deadhead the flowers as they fade. There’ll be no dearth of charm in your yard! Scabiosas are a must for every garden, and yes, I do feel pretty bad writing this when they're absent from my own, but I just ordered some today. Can’t wait for my blue scabiosas to arrive!