How to Grow Gaillardia Plants

Gaillardias are as flashy and charming as they come, and have a unique style of their own! These fascinating perennials are an obvious choice for rock gardens and borders. They’re also great for pots and containers. Growing Gaillardia plants is an easy, joyous activity. Here are a few tips that you’ll find useful. Good drainage and plenty of sunlight- key requirements for the success of gaillardia plants. Gaillardia plants have been known to do astonishingly well even in poor soils. Get rid of all weeds and turn the soil using a spade. Next, firm up the top soil. You’re now good to go on and plant gaillardias. The planting holes should be almost twice as wide as the root ball. Gently remove the plant from the pot and set it down into the planting hole. Refill and water thoroughly. Allow a gap of 16-18 inches between adjacent plants. This will provide the plants with ample growing space and good air circulation. Young plants require plenty of moisture for their survival and growth. It’s therefore essential you irrigate gaillardia plants on a regular basis. Mulching the plants is a great way of conserving soil moisture. Highly recommended! Established plants are fairly hardy and can withstand droughts. They should be irrigated only when the soil feels dry to touch. Gaillardia flowers begin to bloom in summer and can last right till the frosts start. All you need to do is deadhead gaillardia flowers as they fade. Remove all dead foliage as well and make sure you dispose it at a safe distance. Feeding the plants at the start of the flowering season enhances the quantity of blooms and the duration of the blooming period. Use a balanced fertilizer or compost to feed your plants. A little care, a little time and a little effort...When you’re growing gaillardias, it’s the little things that make all the difference, bringing you enormous joy and satisfaction!