Growing Flowering Ferns

Flowering ferns are perennial plants of immense ornamental worth. They aren’t true ferns, but they’re equally as appealing. The flowers have a characteristic trumpet like form and generally bloom in late spring. Flowering fern plants are low maintenance, hardy and incredibly versatile… they look right at home in every part of the garden and can also be grown in containers! What more can you ask?

Flowering ferns relish slightly acidic, moist soils that have good drainage. The plants are ideal for sunlit locations but can also do well in areas subject to partial shade. Rid the ground of weeds and debris before planting. Space the plants at least 3-4 inches apart in order to allow ample room for future growth. Flowering ferns look stunning in small groups and can be used to beautify borders, punctuate the peripherals of ponds or grown in containers to lend color to vacant spots and house interiors. If the soil is poor, it’s advisable to treat it with standard fertilizers at least a week before planting. Mixing organic materials like compost or peat moss is another means of adding to the soil’s nutrient content.

Flowering Ferns Care Tips

•Water your plants regularly right through the growing season. Flowering ferns relish moisture in the soil. It’s essential, therefore, not to allow the soil to dry up at any point.

•Feed your plants early in spring, and again after they flower. It’s advisable to use organic means for fertilization for use of chemical fertilizers can prove fatal to the wildlife the plants attract.

•Snip off the blooms as they fade, along with dead foliage and dispose of. Flowering ferns are relatively pest free and rarely encounter a serious disease related problem. In case of an infection, remove and dispose of the affected foliage at the earliest.

Looking for a beautiful plant to attract admiration, envy or hummingbirds? Flowering fern is exactly what you seek!