Spring Hill presents Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Muhly is an easy to grow ornamental grass that's breathtaking and highly versatile. In this video, our gardening expert Debbie Zary discusses the plant's defining attributes and garden uses, and reasons you should consider including it into your landscape!


Hi, I'm Debbie with Spring Hill. Have you ever noticed how ornamental grasses are really rising in popularity? Well, there's a reason for that! They're so versatile and incredibly easy to grow. Take this Pink Muhly grass for example, as you can see, it starts off with these really nice, thin leaves, but the real show comes toward the middle of summer when you have these huge plumes of cotton candy pink that just create such a stunning effect in your garden. Now, from a design point of view, what I really love about this is how any kind of grasses, but especially this Pink Muhly grass can soften hard edges, or act as a really nice compliment to tall, spiky plants. It's also really stunning in floral arrangements as it adds nice height and some good texture. So, from a cultural point of view, this is a wonderful plant for growing in a place that has lots of heat, that perhaps isn't cared for, doesn't have a ton of water because it's heat tolerant, it's drought tolerant, it loves the sun but it will also tolerate partial shade anywhere in zones 6 through 9. Gets about three feet tall by two and a half feet wide, and it's a beautiful, easy addition to any garden. So, get yourself some Pink Muhly grass today.