How to Properly Water Plants Video

Expert advice on how to water your plants! Spring Hill Nursery's gardening expert offers tips on the best ways to water gardens of different size and scale. You'll learn how to water the plants right in order to avoid causing unintended stress in the plants while fulfilling their moisture requirements.


Hi everyone, this is Scott with Spring Hill Nurseries. Today, on step-by-step gardening, we're talking about one of the most basic and important things you can do for your plants - water them. Come on, I'm going to give you some tips. Watering the right way is important. Don't just use sprinklers. Give it a good hand watering because when you're doing that, you're really thinking about weather and the conditions. You're not just wasting all that water to evaporation. A good hand watering is always the best. Although hand watering is the best, when you have a large garden like we do here at Spring Hill Nurseries, you can install an irrigation system. We use a drip system. You could also use soaker or weeper hoses which basically are garden hoses that are porous, and the moisture seeps out of them. That's a good way to take care of a large garden. But if you have a moderate or small garden, I always recommend hand watering. Let's talk about it. I encourage you to hand water your plants about once a week. Give it a real nice, deep watering. Don't just give it a light spray a couple of times a week. That will actually encourage wilting and stress in the hot weather. But a good deep watering once a week will make the roots go deeper in search of water and it's going to be the best thing you can do for your plants.