How to Mulch, Mulching Tips and Info Video

All about mulching! Gardening expert from Spring Hill Nursery explains the significance of mulching, the different types of mulch and offers guidelines on the amount of mulch to use for your garden plants.


Hi, I'm Scott with Spring Hill Nursery's step-by-step gardening. Today we're talking about mulching. Mulching is great for your plants. It protects them from heat, from cold, keeps moisture in, keeps down weeds. You can't go wrong with mulching. There are two kinds of mulch. There's inorganic mulch, so that's stones and rock, gravel, plastic etcetera and then organic mulch - anything derived from plants - bark, wood etcetera. My favorite is good old organic garden compost. This is my favorite. Opinions vary about how much mulch you should put down, how deep it should be. Hear my guidelines. A wood-based mulch like this, about two inches, grass clippings or straw, three to four. But an inorganic mulch should only be thick enough to prevent the weeds. Let's put some mulch down. Well, I'm spreading the mulch here and I'm going to leave an inch or two from the base of the plant because that will allow air to circulate. For trees, that should be about four inches. That's it for mulch. It's easy and it's great for your plants.