How to Plant Iris

Expert tips on planting irises to ensure you plant them right and see them off to a great start! In this video, out plants expert details the ideal growing conditions, planting depth, spacing and all else you need to know to properly plant irises in your garden.


Hey, there. Scott from Spring Hill Nurseries with one of our specialties today - iris. This is one of my favorite plants. When you're selecting the site for your iris, makes sure it's a spot that gets about six hours of sunlight a day. These plants love the sun. When you plant a few at a time, make sure you keep them about a foot apart so they can really grow up nice and tall. When you're digging your hole, you don't want to actually make it too deep. And if you look at what I've done here, come take a look, I've made a little mound in the center of my hole, okay? I'm going to take my iris rhizome and place it on top and I'm going to spread the roots out over the top of that mound there. That way, the plant drains and it doesn't rot out, okay? And you want about a third of your rhizome sticking up above the soil. You fill it in. Make sure you get that good garden soil, okay? And then you're going to water it. Give it a good watering and you've got a nice, well planted iris. Quick and easy and it will be beautiful. That's is for iris planting. I'm Scott from Spring Hill Nursery.