How to Care for Your Hydrangea

In this video, Spring Hill Nursery's plants expert sheds light on the key elements of hydrangea care. You'll find useful tips on everything from site selection to watering, fertilization and more.


Hey, everyone. Scott from Spring Hill Nurseries here with step-by-step gardening and what do you think about these hydrangeas? These are great! Wouldn't you love to have these in your garden? Well, you can, because it's very easy to take care of hydrangeas and even easier to plant them. Hydrangeas need some sun though so make sure you plant them in a site that gets at least five hours a day. If you plant them in too shady a spot, they won't bloom very well. What people love about hydrangeas are the blooms. Look at this nice bloom. They can be pink, blue, green, white, it all depends on the variety. They are fantastic in your garden, but you can also use them inside. Cut them, bring them in for bouquets, dry them, use them in crafts, there are many different uses for hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are really easy to take care of. The most important is fertilization. Make sure you fertilize them well and the colors will really pop. While we're talking about colors, there are certain varieties of mopheads that you can change the color from pink to blue, and we'll talk about that in another video. One of the other things to do for hydrangeas is make sure you water it well, especially during dry or drought periods in the summer. And that's it for hydrangeas. Thank you for joining me for step-by-step gardening.