How to Grow and Care for Primroses Video

Primrose is one of the most stunning and easiest to care of modern day shade loving plants. In this video, Spring Hill's plants expert shares tips on growing and caring for primroses, offering insights into the plants' varied garden uses and needs.


Welcome to step-by-step gardening from Spring Hill Nurseries. I am Scott. We're in the shade garden today talking about a real standout - the primrose. See these beautiful colors? These blooms will come out in early spring and they come back year after year. You can grow primrose in containers or in garden beds or, as we've done here, in the fronts of borders. We've got them in front of these hellebores. Also, primrose can naturalize. So, if you put them in a spot where you really let them grow out, they will eventually fill out that area. Primrose will bloom for about two to three weeks, and they're hardy to zone 5. Now these shade plants are deer resistant, so you don't have to worry about where you plant them. For Spring Hill Nurseries, I am Scott Atkinson with step-by-step gardening, in the shade garden.