How to Plant Bamboo

Hello, fellow gardeners! Spring is nearly upon us. The snow and ice are melting, the temperatures warming, and the plants are growing greener with each passing day. We hope you\'re just as excited about spring as we are!
One of our favorite spring plants to grow is bamboo. If planted and grown with care, this hardy grass can be one of the most useful plants in your garden! Bamboo is planted just like any other grass or plant. You need good gardening soil, lots of water and a hole the size of the root mass. There are two types of bamboo: Running and Clumping. If you want your bamboo to spread and fill in an area, get running bamboo. If you would rather grow your bamboo in one specific area without worrying about it spreading, look for clumping bamboo. Bamboo is a lot of fun, as there are so many things you can do with it. Bamboo is very versatile; people build all kinds of things using bamboo: Ladders, fences, tiki bars. The most practical use we can think of: Bamboo trellis. How to Plant Bamboo: In this video, Scott from Spring Hill Nurseries demonstrates how to plant bamboo using two different methods. If you\'re planting a clumping bamboo variety, you'll want to use the first method demonstrated in this video. If you are planting a running bamboo variety, we recommend using the second method as demonstrated, that is, unless you want your running bamboo variety to spread and fill-in a certain area. We also show how quickly running bamboo spreads and grows.