How to Grow Peonies

Peonies are charming, dependable and low maintenance. They’re also pretty easy to grow and, once established, promise delightful company for decades to come. Peony plants are perfect for landscaping and make for excellent border plants. Peony flowers are large and showy, and come in breathtaking shades of yellow, pink, green, red, white and black. Looking to grow peonies in your garden? Here’s some information that will come in handy. You can plant peonies both in fall and spring. The plants relish sunlit planting locations that offer well draining soil. If the soil is poor, it’s best to add good amount of compost or rotted manure. Make a note not to incorporate fresh manure for it can aid pathogens in addition to burning the young plants. Most herbaceous peonies need to be planted such that the top of the crown is a couple of inches below the ground surface. Pack the soil firmly around the base and water well. Provide your plants with a 2-3 inch layer of organic mulch. Make sure to layer around the base of your plants and keep from covering the crown. I stake peonies quite early, as soon as the first red shoots become visible. It’s a simple task. Push 3-4 wooden stakes in the ground, forming a circle around the plant and use a piece of string or chicken wire to tie the top of the stem to the stakes. When you’re growing peonies, you’ll seldom need to spend on fertilizers. The plants generally have a good growth rate and, given fertile soil, can thrive in absence of regular feeding. Long term companionship is something everybody wishes for. It’s also something that everybody can achieve… simply by growing peonies!