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Red Japanese Maple Tree

The specimen of gardeners' dreams


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  • flowering dateSpring
  • hardiness zone5-8
  • height15 - 20 feet
  • restricted statesAE AK AZ CA GU HI ID MT NV OR PR UT WA
  • ship as3-4 FT, 3G
  • sun exposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
  • Bright red, lacy foliage is dramatic in the landscape
  • Slow growing and easy to prune for the shape you desire
  • Great for specimen planting or bonsai

Red is a statement in the landscape. It draws attention, livens up the scene, changes the mood. And with a Red Japanese Maple, you can lift red up out of your garden beds and put it centerstage, giving maximum impact in your landscape. This treasured ornamental stays small, so you can accent the front yard without obscuring the front of your house, plant it in a garden bed to play with color contrasts or put it right in the center of a courtyard and still have room to walk around. The leaves are lobed, and so finely cut they look lacey. What you do with this maple is up to you and the pruning shears. You can grow it as a standard tree or develop multiple trunks, depending on your preferred silhouette. It grows slowly and manageably, so you can prune it in early spring to keep it tidy or for bonsai styling. For something so coveted as a specimen tree, it's handy that Red Japanese Maple is so tractable too. Wherever you plant it, though, be sure it has shelter from wind to protect the delicate unfolding leaves from drying. Acer palmatum var. atropurpureum

Product Details

  • botanical nameAcer palmatum var. atropurpurea
  • flowering dateSpring
  • flower colorRed
  • flower formSmall coyrmb - insignificant.
  • foliage typeLace-like lobed leaves
  • formTree
  • growth rateSlow
  • hardiness zone5-8
  • height15 - 20 feet
  • planting instructionsNeeds shelter from wind - unfolding leaves are sensitive to drying.
  • pruningTo shape Early summer
  • restricted statesAE AK AZ CA GU HI ID MT NV OR PR UT WA
  • shipping seasonSpring
  • ship as3-4 FT, 3G
  • soil requirementWell drained soil enriched with humus. Amend clay soils with organic matter for increased drainage.
  • spacing10 - 12 feet
  • spread10 - 12 feet
  • sun exposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
  • watering requirementKeep moist but well drained. Do not over water. Apply 3-5 inches of mulch around the base of the tree to reduce watering
  • winter careSheltered site especially in Northern regions.

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    Red Japanese Maple Tree
    Red Japanese Maple Tree

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