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Men Are From Mars Bearded Iris

Contrasting Color Provides Garden Drama


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  • flowering dateMid-Later Season
  • height38 - 40 inches
  • restricted statesAE AK GU HI PR
  • ship asPREMIUM
  • Low Maintenance: Thrives with minimal care.
  • Classic Long-Lived Perennial: Widely adaptable, dependable bloomer.
  • Stunning Visual Appeal: Deep purple, maroon-edged petals with golden beards.

Men Are From Mars Bearded Iris not only adds height and stunning color to flower displays, but it also provides a hassle-free gardening experience. Its visual impact and dependable, showy flowers, make it an excellent choice for gardeners seeking both beauty and ease. 


Effortless Long-Lasting Beauty: Known for its robust health and low maintenance requirements, this iris variety stands out with lush, floriferous clumps and fabulous flowers. The tall 40” stalks bloom from mid-season to late, ensuring a prolonged display of elegance and color in your garden. 

Sensory Delight in Every Bloom: The 'Men Are From Mars Bearded Iris' captivates with its deep purple frilly maroon-edged falls and striking gold beards, complemented by a light, delightful fragrance. This combination enhances any garden setting, making the iris a focal point of visual and aromatic appeal. 

Adaptable and Long Lived: This tall bearded iris, like many other iris varieties in its category, is adapted to handle many different soil types and locations, provided the site is well-drained. A mid to late season herald of summer, it will provide years of enjoyment as your garden moves from spring into summer. 

Product Details

  • botanical nameIris germanica 'Men are From Mars'
  • flowering dateMid-Later Season
  • flower formclassic iris form
  • foliage typestrap-like
  • formPerennial
  • growth rateAverage
  • height38 - 40 inches
  • planting instructionsSet rhizome so bottom half is below ground level. Firm well and water thoroughly. Plant where they will get at least 5 hours of sun per day.
  • pruningRemove spent flower stems after blooming. In late fall, cut back foliage to 6" fans. Clean plant debris before winter to prevent borers overwintering.
  • restricted statesAE AK GU HI PR
  • shipping seasonFall
  • ship asPREMIUM
  • soil requirementWell-drained
  • spacing8 - 10 inches
  • spread18 - 24 inches
  • watering requirementDrought tolerant once established. Water new plantings and in dry spells

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    Men Are From Mars Bearded Iris