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Apple Honeycrisp

Ideal for fresh eating


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  • flowering dateRipens in early September. Take 2-5 years to bear fruit.
  • hardiness zone3-6
  • height5 - 7 feet
  • restricted statesAE AK AZ CA GU HI ID MT NV OR PR UT WA
  • ship as5-6 FT, 3G
  • sun exposureFull Sun
  • Thrives in Cooler Climates: Optimal growth and fruiting in Zones 3-6
  • Early Harvest Season: Enjoy fresh apples as early as September
  • Exceptionally Sweet and Crisp: Ideal for fresh eating

A Taste Sensation at Home: The Honeycrisp Apple Tree is renowned for producing some of the most flavorful apples, beloved for their perfect blend of sweetness and crisp texture. Imagine stepping into your garden and plucking a fresh, juicy Honeycrisp apple right from the tree. This variety brings the orchard experience right to your backyard, allowing you to enjoy these popular apples at their freshest.

Perfect for Colder Regions: If you live in a cooler climate, the Honeycrisp Apple Tree is an excellent choice for your garden. Specially developed to thrive in Zones 3-6, this tree is well-suited to colder conditions, ensuring robust growth and abundant fruiting. You'll have the satisfaction of growing a fruitful tree that's perfectly matched to your local environment.

Enjoy Early Autumn Harvests: One of the joys of growing the Honeycrisp Apple Tree is its early ripening season. With fruits ready to pick in early September, you'll be one of the first to savor the tastes of fall. This early harvest also means you can start using these apples in your favorite recipes sooner, from fresh apple pies to crisp autumn salads.

A Rewarding Gardening Journey: While the Honeycrisp Apple Tree may require some attention to soil nutrients, the effort is well worth it when you taste your homegrown apples. You'll not only enjoy the delicious fruits but also the rewarding experience of nurturing and watching your tree flourish.

Malus domestica 'Honeycrisp'

Product Details

  • botanical nameMalus domestica 'Honeycrisp'
  • flowering dateRipens in early September. Take 2-5 years to bear fruit.
  • flower colorWhite
  • formFruit Tree, Fruit, Apple, Standard Apple Tree, Reachables Apple Tree
  • growth rateModerate.
  • hardiness zone3-6
  • height5 - 7 feet
  • planting instructionsDig a hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the roots without having to bend them. Firm soil around the roots and water thoroughly.
  • pruningIf tree is less than 3 years old, remove the stem tips to encourage branching. On mature trees, remove whole branches at trunk if interior of tree becomes thick that air can't circulate. Remove diseased or dead branches.
  • restricted statesAE AK AZ CA GU HI ID MT NV OR PR UT WA
  • shipping seasonSpring
  • ship as5-6 FT, 3G
  • soil requirementWell-drained, fertile soil.
  • spacing10 - 20 feet
  • spread5 - 7 feet
  • sun exposureFull Sun

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    Apple Honeycrisp
    Apple Honeycrisp
    Apple Honeycrisp

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