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Good Omen Japanese Iris

A wonder in wet sites


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  • flowering dateBlooms late spring to early summer
  • hardiness zone5-9
  • height32 - 40 inches
  • restricted statesAE AK GU HI PR
  • ship asNO. 1 BAREROOT
  • sun exposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
  • Ideal for rain gardens and edging ponds
  • Beautiful color contrast on cascading petals
  • Loved by pollinators
Do you have a spot in your yard where water doesn't drain easily? Maybe you're building a rain garden, or maybe there's a natural ditch that's become a real low point in your design? Instead of drowning your plants and rotting your bulbs, try this Japanese iris. It does best when its soil is consistently wet, so it'll bring a unique floral color to an otherwise soggy scene. By unique, we mean that the purple petals turn a dark shade right around the yellow at the center, creating an alluring color contrast. Good Omen is a strong perennializer, so it'll bring years of relief to that tricky spot.

This is a great feature for a meditative water garden, as it's easy to bask in the wonder of nature with Good Omen around. The flower's large falls look almost like they're overflowing, the same way water cascades from the top of a fountain. You'll have no problem sitting back and getting lost in the beautiful flower form. What's more, it'll attract pollinators you can watch dance from bloom to bloom. And if you want your new iris a little closer, you can grow this in a container, or add fresh–cut blooms to your bouquets. Iris ensata 'Good Omen'

Product Details

  • botanical nameIris ensata 'Good Omen'
  • flowering dateBlooms late spring to early summer
  • flower colorYellow, Purple
  • flower formTypical Japanese iris-like blooms
  • foliage typeGlaucous-green, sword-like fans of stiff upright leaves with some dying back in colder climates in winter.
  • formPerennial
  • growth rateModerate
  • hardiness zone5-9
  • height32 - 40 inches
  • planting instructionsSet rhizome so bottom half is below ground level. Firm well and water thoroughly. Plant where they will get at least 5 hours of sun per day.
  • pruningRemove spent flower stems after blooming. In late fall, cut back foliage to 6" fans. Clean plant debris before winter to prevent borers overwintering.
  • restricted statesAE AK GU HI PR
  • shipping seasonSpring
  • ship asNO. 1 BAREROOT
  • soil requirementMoisture retentive soil
  • spacing15 - 18 inches
  • spread15 - 18 inches
  • sun exposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
  • watering requirementAverage water needs; do not let the soil dry out
  • winter careMulch as needed in colder climates. Remove after last frost.

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    Good Omen Japanese Iris

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