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Cabernet Sauvignon Tulip Blend

A flavorful mix of color and texture


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  • restricted statesAE AK GU HI PR VI
  • ship as11-12 CM
  • Five tulip varieties
  • An exciting mix of textures and shapes
  • Perfect for landscaping
As complex and flavorful as your favorite cab, Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich blend of gorgeous tulips in maroons, pinks, oranges and apricots. These stunning flowers include a variety of shapes and textures, from classic cupped tulips to fringey parrots. Royal Centennial offers up a flame-like fringe of peach and pink, while Black Parrot tulip lives up to its feathery name with rich, near-black color. Vendee Globe is a striped orange and yellow flared tulip. World Peace and Ronaldo are both stunning classic hybrids. World Peace is a Darwin in solid magenta petals edged by gold, and Ronaldo is a deep purple, near-black Triumph. So many of our favorite species are represented here, in rich colors and ready for a flavorful spring. Tulipa 'Royal Centennial', 'Black Parrot', 'Vendee Globe', 'World Peace', 'Ronaldo'

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  • restricted statesAE AK GU HI PR VI
  • shipping seasonFall
  • ship as11-12 CM

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2023 Fall Shipping Schedule
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    Cabernet Sauvignon Tulip Blend

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