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Blueberry Echo

A berry that's tasty and beautiful


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  • flowering dateSpring, and then again in summer
  • hardiness zone3-7
  • height4 - 5 feet
  • restricted statesAE AK AZ CA GU HI ID MT NV OR PR UT WA
  • ship asPREMIUM 1G
  • sun exposureFull Sun
  • Produces berries in the summer and fall
  • Green, glossy foliage
  • Sweet, delicious fruit

Indulge in home-grown, sun-ripened blueberries--and decorate your garden with a true fruit-bearing, ornamental plant. Echo produces a bountiful harvest early in the blueberry season and a notably bigger crop in early autumn—a continuous fruiting spectacle that persists until the advent of frost. Echo also distinguishes itself as one of the most aesthetically pleasing blueberry bushes on the market. Growing up to 5 feet tall, Echo boasts a compact demeanor and graces the landscapewith its blossoms twice annually. The emergence of its spring foliage unfolds in a luxuriant green, tinged with a crimson hue that darkens as the season goes on. Small white flowers turn to attractive, juicy blueberries, ready for harvest earlier than with other varieties. Echo is well-suited for cultivation in garden landscapes, as a hedge, or within patio containers. Vaccinium 'Echo' PP29787

Product Details

  • botanical nameVaccinium 'Echo' PP29787
  • flowering dateSpring, and then again in summer
  • flower colorWhite
  • flower formLarge urn shaped 3/4" fruit borne in loose axillary clusters
  • foliage typeIn spring, foliage emerges lush green with a red blush before turning a lustrous, dark green.
  • formFruit, Small Fruit, Blueberry
  • growth rateModerate.
  • hardiness zone3-7
  • height4 - 5 feet
  • planting instructionsDig a hole twice the size as the container the plant came in. Remove the plant from its container and use a trowel or knife to score a vertical indentation on all four sides of the root ball. Plant at the same depth it was growing in the pot.
  • restricted statesAE AK AZ CA GU HI ID MT NV OR PR UT WA
  • shipping seasonFall
  • ship asPREMIUM 1G
  • soil requirementAcidic, moist, organic, well-drained soil. pH should be 4.5 to 5.5.
  • spacing4 - 5 feet
  • spread4 - 5 feet
  • sun exposureFull Sun
  • winter careApply mulch in colder climates.

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    Blueberry Echo