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Big Blue Eryngium

Drought tolerant with distinctive form and striking color


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  • flowering dateAll summer
  • hardiness zone3-9
  • height26 - 28 inches
  • restricted statesAE AK GU HI PR
  • ship as4" POT
  • sun exposureFull Sun
  • Thrives in poor soils; perfect for dry, sandy areas.
  • Striking violet-blue flowers add vibrant color to your garden.
  • Drought tolerant for easy care.

Enhance your garden with the striking beauty of the Big Blue Eryngium. Known for its robust nature and captivating violet-blue flowers, this plant is an ideal choice for areas with dry, sandy soil that struggle to support other vegetation. Not only does it thrive in less-than-perfect soil conditions, but its dramatic spiky appearance sets it apart from the typical garden flora.

Durable and Decorative: A Garden's Best Friend:  Big Blue Eryngium is not just another pretty face in the garden; its ability to withstand tough conditions makes it a practical choice for gardeners. This plant's need for excellent drainage aligns perfectly with its preference for sandy soils, making it a hassle-free addition that brings life and color to challenging parts of your landscape.

A Visual Contrast to Soften Your Space: The unique, spiky texture of the Big Blue Eryngium provides a fantastic visual contrast to the softer, more rounded plants typically found in gardens. Its distinctive form and intense color make it a focal point that draws the eye, offering a delightful break from the norm and adding structural diversity to your outdoor space.

Perfect Plant for Sustainable Landscaping:  With its drought tolerance and love for poor soil, Big Blue Eryngium is not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. It requires minimal watering, reducing your garden's water use while still providing a stunning display of colors and textures throughout the growing season.

Product Details

  • botanical nameEryngium zabelii 'Big Blue' USPP#20636
  • flowering dateAll summer
  • flower colorBlue
  • flower formThistle-like, 8 cm flowers
  • foliage typeGreen spiky foliage
  • formPerennial
  • growth rateMedium
  • hardiness zone3-9
  • height26 - 28 inches
  • planting instructionsPlant just below soil level and 45-60 cm apart
  • pruningNone
  • restricted statesAE AK GU HI PR
  • shipping seasonFall
  • ship as4" POT
  • soil requirementWell drained
  • spacing18 - 24 inches
  • spread18 - 24 inches
  • sun exposureFull Sun
  • watering requirementDrought-resistant once established, well-drained
  • winter careMulch +/- 5 cm

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    Big Blue Eryngium