How to care for new plants in extreme heat

As all gardeners know, weather can be unpredictable, and unseasonably high temperatures can cause concern for those with new plants on the way. But there's no need to panic, and here are just a few reasons why:

  • During extreme weather conditions, we check plants by hand on their way out the door to ensure they meet our quality standards.
  • If your plant has issues due to excessive heat in transit, customer service agents are just a phone call or away.
  • New plants watered daily should perform just fine.
  • Every plant you receive is backed by our No-Risk Guarantee.

What to do if you receive your new plants during a heat wave:

  1. When your order arrives, open the box right away.
  2. If temperatures are unseasonably high for your area, consider delaying planting for a cooler day.
  3. For bareroot plants: Soak the entire plant for 3-4 hours and plant immediately in your chosen spot, OR plant in a temporary pot and water in well. Keep it in the shade for several days or until the heat wave has passed. (Tip: A grocery paper bag can provide shade from the sun as your plant breaks dormancy. Be sure to uncover and keep hydrated.)
    For potted plants: Before transplanting, consider placing potted plants in the shade for a few days to a week. This will allow them to become acclimated to your specific conditions.
  4. After planting, water is the key to success. Soil should be moist without being water logged.

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