How to plant bulbs

Planting bulbs made easy! Step-by-step instructions on how to plant bulbs in fall for beautiful spring blooms. You'll learn all about planting depths and process, watering and more.


Hey there! Scott, from Spring Hill Nurseries here with step-by-step gardening and as you can tell, it's a beautiful fall day, perfect for planting bulbs. Planting bulbs is really easy. All you need is a good shovel, a good site with good soil and lots of water. As you can see, bulbs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and when I say bulbs, I'm including traditional tulip bulbs, lily bulbs, winter hardy glad corms and iris rhizomes. All these, here, have to be planted in the fall in order to bloom in the spring. So, let's get them in the ground. My tip is to dig a really big hole and you can plant all the bulbs at once. You'll save a lot of time that way. You want the hole to be about six to eight inches deep, depending on the variety. Check your package instructions. Place your bulbs pointy end up, and, for a natural look, you want to plant them in a random pattern, starting from the center and going out. You don't want to plant them in a line, that doesn't look so good. Okay, so, your bulbs are in a hole, now take the dirt you dug out of the hole and put it back on the bulbs. You want to spread about two to thee inches of that good garden soil over the top of the bulbs evenly. Okay, put it on. You want to even it out there, alright? I'm just going to do a little bit here so you can see it. Then we're going to take our fertilizer, we're going to scratch it into the soil there and then we're going to fill the hole up the rest of the way. The next step after this is watering. So, our bulbs are planted with lots of great garden soil and good fertilizer. The only thing left is to give them a good drink. You want to make it a gentle but deep watering. The water will help settle the soil and disperse the fertilizer. So, that's it. The only hard part now is waiting for those bulbs to bloom in spring. Thanks for joining me, Scott, with Spring Hill Nursery's step-by-step gardening and thanks for helping me to plant some spring bulbs.