How to Grow Blueberry Plants in a Container Video

Container grown blueberries require just a little bit of care to keep them looking great, manageable and, of course to ensure the yields are as great as they can be! Join our gardening expert as he prunes a blueberry plant, offering valuable tips in the process.


Hi everybody, this is Scott Atkinson with Spring Hill Nursery's step-by-step gardening and today, we're talking about care for your container blueberry plant. As you know, it's very easy to grow blueberries in containers and it doesn't take very much care at all, a little bit of pruning here in the early spring. I'm at the nurseries and we've got a three year old blueberry plant here growing in a whiskey barrel and it's doing great. Now the reason that you prune is to stimulate new growth. See this here, this is the type of good new growth we want to encourage on this plant. So, we're going to pick one of the older canes to get rid of. It's going to open up the middle of the plant, allow the sunlight in and it'll help discourage disease etcetera. So which one do you pick? This cane here is a perfect choice and you can see, it's starting to rub up against the other canes and that can encourage some disease and if we take out this guy here, we're going to really open up this plant here, let the light in. So, just take your loppers and get rid of it. Give it a good cut here. Alright, and you can see how much this opened up your plant. And that's all there is to it. Take out one of these in the early spring and you'll get some really good new growth. Some other pruning you can do is some aesthetic pruning. Nobody really wants this sticking out all the way in their patio, so, just give it a good flush cut here. That'll help encourage the healing process. That's it. So, just find anything else like that. You want to get rid of some the older big canes to encourage new growth and you'll have a really great yielding blueberry plant this coming season. For step-by-step gardening, I'm Scott Atkinson.