FALL Hedge and Shrub SUPER SALE

Give your hedges a head start by planting in fall.

Fall Hedges And Shrubs
  • Shipped right to
    your door this fall
  • Savings over retail
    store markups
  • No hauling large,
    dirty items in your
    car or truck

A fast growing hedge row starts with the roots!

Our mature plants come from Holland, Michigan where the soil is ideal for growing healthy root systems for hedges and shrubs; an advantage you won't find at other retailers.

  • Grown in healthy sandy loam with low pathogen rate.
  • Larger overall root systems that aren't "pot bound".
  • More fine root hairs for increased nutrient uptake and faster establishment.

    Shrub Root Shrub Root

    Our trees and shrubs have healthy, fibrous root systems, unlike the potted example to the right.These field-grown roots will acclimate more quickly to their new environment.


    Proudly grown in Holland, Michigan

    For decades growers have boasted over Michigan soil, and for good reason. The rare, nutrient rich sandy loam just inland from Lake Michigan, produces some of the finest quality trees and shrubs you can find.

    Holland Michigan Holland MichiganHolland Michigan Map



    Three ways to grow a hedgerow or decorative landscape FAST!

    Privacy Ready

    Privacy Ready

    Mature in 2-3 years

    Maturity in 2-3 years

    Mature in 3-5 years

    Maturity in 3-5 years