Grape Hyacinth Planting and Care Tips Video

Grape hyacinths are among the most gorgeous and easy to care spring blooming bulbs! In this video, our gardening expert offers tips on planting them right and on caring for the plants to ensure they perform their best in your garden.


It's early spring here at Spring Hill Nurseries and I'm sitting in a bed of hyacinths. Grape hyacinths, to be exact, not to be confused with their cousins, these are some of the most beautiful and fun early spring bulbs. I love them. You know who else loves them? Kids! These are great plants for kids to come out and pick in spring time, give their mom or grandma a vase. So, make sure you plant lots of them and they do naturalize, so you're going to have, pretty soon, a real beautiful, like this, bed of hyacinths. Now these are spring blooming bulbs so you've got to plant them in the fall. Fall planting, spring blooming. When to plant them? About six to eight weeks before the first hard frost of the year. You want to make sure the soil temperature is below sixty degrees. Plant them and then forget about them all winter long. They'll come up in the early spring and they'll look just like this. Now when they're done flowering, you can cut the flower stalks, you can put them in a vase or you can put them in the compost pile, but don't get rid of the leaves. Let the leaves die back naturally. Hopefully you have other plantings in the bed, perennial plantings that will come up and cover the foliage, so you don't see it, but you want to let that foliage stay out, so the energy goes down into the bulbs for next year. It's always good to put some good compost in your beds during the year, specially in the fall, right before the winter, and that's it really, for care. Bulbs are easy to take care of, easy to plant and they come back year after year. Hyacinths, one of my favorites. And hopefully, one of yours. For step-by-step gardening, I'm Scott.