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Many email services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have put blocking or filtering systems in place to protect you from email that you didn't ask for. However, these same systems may inadvertently filter email you would like to receive—including emails from Spring Hill Nurseries. The links below provide recommendations on how to ensure you receive the email communications we send to you:

Have you added Spring Hill Nurseries to your email address book?

Are you using Spam Filtering Software?


Have you added Spring Hill Nurseries to your address book?

Some email providers impose restrictions on email delivery, which may impact our ability to communicate with you and/or your ability to view images in HTML. By adding the Spring Hill Nurseries newsletter to your address book, the email providers will allow our email special offers to go through without being blocked or altered. To do this, simply add to your address book.


Are you using spam filtering software?

If you are using spam filtering software, you can enter the following email address into your filtering software "white list" to ensure you continue to receive Spring Hill Nurseries Mail messages:

If you are using spam filtering software for personal use, please enter

If your company is using spam filtering software, please contact your Information Technology department and request they add

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