Ornamental Grass Will Keep Your Garden Stylish

The other day I was talking to a gardening friend of mine, Gerry, and we stumbled onto the topic of ornamental grass. He had just ordered Northern Lights Grass from our online store, and he remarked to me how excited he was to get it in the ground this coming spring.
This led to a discussion about ornamental grasses in general and, come to find out, my friend had never considered planting ornamental grass in his garden until he visited his in-laws over Labor Day weekend. They had planted some this past spring—our Beni Kaze Japanese Forest Grass—and he fell in love with its color and shape. He even showed me a picture he’d taken on his cell phone—he was that impressed by it! (By the way, it was a fantastic-looking display, if I may say.) I’ve been down at the Nursery a lot recently, and I’ve talked with a few other gardeners—serious and casual. Most of them share Gerry’s sentiments: they’re gravitating toward ornamental grasses, and they can’t wait to plant some this spring. Of course, there are plenty of ornamental grass varieties to choose from—Northern Lights, zebra, pampas, just to name a few—so there’s no shortage of choices. They’re eye-catching plants that look good in any surrounding, and they make great focal plants during the winter. As you’d expect from a native plant, they’re very low maintenance. I think Gerry and the other gardeners down at the Nursery are onto something. In fact, I’m headed down there now to pick up some Northern Lights myself. I don’t like being left behind.