Killing these Insects is Bad for Your Garden!

 "Asters "We often consider bugs to be little more than pests, but believe it or not they can be incredibly useful! Strange as this may sound, insects do serve some important purposes in the circle of life, like acting as food sources for a large number of birds and small animals. But wait, while you may know them as pests that feed off your precious flowering bulbs and fruits you ought to know there are some whose presence can be a boon to your garden! That’s right, friends, say hello to these beneficial insects… Bees Bees seldom attack unless threatened and are beneficial pollinators. Predatory or parasitic bees target insect pests and are immensely efficient at that, meaning your prized plants can flourish unperturbed. Attracting bees is pretty simple and you can choose from a wide range of nectar-rich plants like bee balm, asters and sage. Lady beetles or Ladybugs Lady beetles are one of the world’s most beloved insects. These spotted bugs feed on aphids, thrips, mites, mealybugs and many other pests. The larvae have as voracious an appetite as the adults and look like small, very colorful alligators! Green Lacewings While adult Green Lacewings primarily feed on nectar and pollen, the larvae (also known as ‘aphid lions’) have a sweet tooth for aphids and are amazingly efficient at aphid control! Praying Mantis They’re stealthy, deadly and have inspired two distinct styles of Chinese Kung Fu--not to mention they’re one of my favorite little creatures! Praying Mantis are highly efficient predators that attack almost every little thing that moves. However, they have less discriminating tastes, as they’re as likely to hunt a beneficial insect as they are to prey upon an unwanted caterpillar. The next time you have the urge to exterminate one of these beneficial bugs, fight it! You aren’t expected to make friends with them, but it’s not that difficult to give the beneficial insects the little space they need to coexist with us!