How to Grow Monarda Plants

JacobMonarda plant, with its immense appeal and endearing fragrance is a wonderful addition to every garden. Also known as Bee Balm, Monarda is a summer blooming perennial with a mature height of 3-4 feet. Monarda is a great accent plant, looks stunning at the back of the border and, given its unmatched natural charm, is ideal for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. Keen on growing monarda plants? Here are some useful tips.

  • Pick a planting site that offers rich, well drained soil. Monarda plants do best in sunny locations but can also be grown in partly shaded areas.
  • Space the plants 18-24 inches apart. Good circulation allows for faster growth and helps prevent powdery mildew and other disease.
  • Regular irrigation is crucial for your plants’ health and growth. Monarda plants relish regular, deep irrigation. Make sure the soil never dries out at any point during the growing season.
  • Mulch monarda plants using pine needles, straw or other organic substances. Mulching helps retain moisture in the soil and repels the growth of weeds.
  • Fertilize monarda plants every spring, using a standard balanced fertilizer. Make sure the fertilizer doesn’t come in direct contact with the plants’ foliage. Also, water the plants thoroughly after fertilization.
  • Deadhead monarda flowers as they start to lose color. This will help prolong the period of bloom. Once all flowers have faded, reduce the plants to about half their original size. Remove all dead of infected foliage you come across and dispose of. Growing monarda plants is an exciting way of endowing your garden with breathtaking beauty and delightful color. Start today.