How to Grow Daisies

Daisies are wonderful flowering plants with an uncanny knack of attracting the eye, captivating the senses and stealing hearts! Daisy flowers have a good vase life and find extensive use in corsages and floral arrangements. Mature plant height varies with the variety of daisies, ranging from 1-3 feet. Looking to grow daisies in your garden? Here’s all the information you’ll need. You can plant daisies in both sunny and partly shaded locations. The plants will do best in fertile, well draining soil. In case of poor quality soil, I’d recommend incorporating good quantities of organic substances to enrich the soil. Remove the weeds, if any, from the planting site and dispose of. Next, top the soil with a fine layer of organic compost. The planting hole should be big enough to accommodate the plant with ease. Carefully lower the plant into the hole and refill, packing the soil firmly around the top of the crown. Space adjacent plants 8-12 inches apart. This will allow for good circulation which is essential for the plants’ success. Water the plants thoroughly after planting. Keep your daisy plants well watered right through the growing season. A week before they bloom, fertilize daisies using a high phosphorus fertilizer and get ready to be enthralled by an abundance of big, cheerful daisy flowers! Deadhead the flowers as they fade. This will help extend the period of bloom. Daisies are hardy plants that seldom face any serious pests or disease related issues. But that doesn’t mean the plants are completely invulnerable. Check your plants for signs of infection at regular intervals. In event of any such problem, use immediate remedial action. In addition to being so very easy to grow, daisies are also quite versatile and fit in beautifully with nearly every style of garden design. Needless to say, they’re a must for your garden!