How To Care For Amaryllis

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from your friends at Spring Hill Nursery! It would be nearly impossible to go through a Christmas season without seeing Amaryllis flowers. And who doesn’t love being surrounded with the exotic, trumpet-shaped blossoms of amaryllis in the holiday season? The beautiful blooms of amaryllis are most popular in red, but are also available in multicolored varieties, striped and shaded and tinted in various colors. Pink, orange, red, white and salmon colors are particularly in demand and in style.
To witness the flowering magic of amaryllis right on time for Christmas, plant the bulbs in fall. With a little attention, you can ensure blooms before Christmas. A large plump bulb with some roots emerging is best to plant in a standard 6” pot using a high quality potting soil. No bamboo stick or support system is necessary.; the stalks will turn their heads to the light. Turn the pot around every few days and your Amaryllis will keep a straight stem. Place the bulb in such a way that its neck is above the soil surface at least one-third of its size. Keep the bulb on the dry side after planting (potting) until you see the sprout or the foliage appear, and start watering more from that point on. Adequate drainage, nourishing soil mix and bright sunshine every day would result in flowers in 7 – 10 weeks. After the amaryllis has stopped flowering, cut the old flowers and stalk from just above the top of bulb. In the spring, after all danger of frost has passed, move the bulbs back outdoors. Keep the soil moist until August and then shift them indoors in September or October in a cool, dark and dry spot for at least six weeks. Discontinue watering prior to 8 – 10 weeks of the holiday season, so the foliage continues to die back and new flower stalk begins to grow. Now move your plants to a location that receives full sun and recommence watering. Shortly, the amaryllis plant matures with fresh set of leaves giving out cluster of charismatic blooms for your holiday celebrations.