Ground Cover Plants

A bunch of daffodils in bloom, swaying in gentle breeze upon a stretch of bare earth… In a world sans Ground Cover plants, every garden would offer a similar, sorry sight! But thanks to Mother Nature, our reasonably beautiful world is home to plenty of ground cover plants that can both compliment and accentuate the beauty of cynosure plants like daffodils and lilacs. Also, there’s no dearth of variety… Whether it’s a sunlit area or a shaded spot, a region with wet soil or a dry land, there’s a ground cover plant for every purpose and every location. When looking for the right ground cover plant for your garden, make an assessment of the conditions on offer and the role you want the plants to play. Flowering ground covers like Ice plants would be ideal for rock gardens and border areas. Sedum is another sun loving ground cover plant that’s capable of making a bold statement in your rock garden. The vibrant Hostas are an automatic choice for providing ground cover in shaded areas. Then there are evergreen ground covers like Junipers and Elephant Ears that promise year round beauty to your garden. The part of selecting a ground cover will give you a hard time… It’s a problem of plenty! Ground covers provide the foundation for the more celebrated garden plants to work their charm. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Perhaps the most important purpose they serve is preventing soil erosion and protecting the roots of trees (particularly the ones with shallow root systems.) Most ground cover plants are hardy, drought resistant and require very little care… Factors that make growing ground cover plants so very simple and so exciting!