Clematis: A Deer-Resistant Winner!

This deer-resistant plant provides beauty, style, and versatility. The flowers come in an array of colors, sizes and shapes, so There's truly a clematis vine for every taste! I love these vines. They grow especially well trained up trellises, fences, and arbors. The vine’s bright green tendrils and pretty blooms can hide (or at least soften) ugly features or break up boring expanses. Growing up to 30’ long, clematis vines are perfect for shading a hot, sunny porch area that would benefit from dappled shade. Clematis works well with other plants, especially any type of climbing rose. You can also try it in an informal, blue-themed garden with Canterbury bells, delphiniums, petunias and salvia. Clematis ‘Pink Beauty’ fits well into a pink garden; plant it among camellias, dianthus, lilacs, peonies and weigela. Clematis such as ‘Little Lemons’ and ‘Chloe’ even grow well in containers! Clematis requires six hours a day or more of sun, but the roots must be kept cool. Plant the crown of the plant 1-2” below the soil surface in well-drained, neutral (pH 7) soil. After the plant is established, keep the roots cool and shaded with ground cover or mulch. Some clematis benefit from pruning, but it depends on the variety. Check out our video featuring clematis, one of my favorite plants!
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